Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday again? Already?

Each day in itself is long... sometimes so long I wonder if it will ever end. But a week seems to fly past before I even realize it has happened, and the months keep adding up. It's such a strange sensation of standing still and speeding along all at the same time.

The things I want to remember:

Annabella waking up in the morning and calling out "Mom-may, I'm all done sleeping. Can I come out?" The first thing she wants to see is her babies ("Where my babies?")

The poor thing has trouble with getting her poops out. She says it hurts her feelings. Lol.

Lorelei started rolling this week. It almost seems like she did it just to get us to stop thinking she couldn't. She did it a few times - in front of me or Geegee, but isn't really motivated to do it again.

Both babies are teething. Ugh. Last Sunday was this glorious night of sleep - they went down early and Lorelei slept 8 hours, Sawyer 6, me 4... what an improvement. Followed by an entire week of relentless crying and refusal to sleep longer than 1 hour at a time. Around the clock. Staggered. I thought I was going to leave them on the porch so that the wild animals could take them and raise them as their own. Then, last night, Sawyer slept 7 hours, Lorelei 6, me 4 again. Thanks kiddos. I love you.

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