Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bad, bad blogger

Thank goodness for pictures. Tons of pictures. Pictures of dirty faces, bumps and bruises, trips to the beach, days spent in pajamas. If it weren't for the pictures I worry that I wouldn't remember all that has happened.

I try to write it down. I bought baby books. I started this blog. Started being the operative word, because the number of posts vs. the number of months is truly pathetic. So, once again I will try to put into words the things I want my children to know. The ways I loved them, at this moment.

Annabella - Getting ready to start back to preschool. She demands attention - and usually deserves it. She is so perceptive and observant. The child never misses a detail. She lives for imaginative play - everyone is a character. Veruca Salt, Cinderella, pirates, hyenas, you name it. She assigns the parts and tries desperately to orchestrate the play. Unfortunately for her, the little ones aren't quite ready to follow stage directions and they don't really remember their lines.

She loves tacos, ham sandwiches, Nutella, and any treat that daddy brings home. She loves Purplicious, Madeline, and any book about a girl. She loves being outside, helping with chores, and throwing temper tantrums to rival the most legendary tantrum thrower (that would be me!). At least her tantrums usually happen at home, so I can skip the stares and head shakes.

She is sweet beyond measure and wants to hug and kiss everyone. Anyone she meets is her friend. I hope she retains that pure sense of love even when the world doesn't return it to her.

Lorelei - Oh, my little train wreck. The girl has bumps and bruises galore. It may have something to do with her total lack of fear regarding climbing, running, and jumping. Off the couch, over the chair, across the room. She moves at full speed. Even the bumps don't really slow her down - she is up and running again before you can blink.

She loves babies. Loves, loves, loves babies. She carries them around - patting and holding them. Until her attention moves elsewhere and they are unceremoniously dumped to the floor. She is slowly adding to her vocabulary, but baby, up, and mama still dominate.

Sawyer - The little man. He finally got a little trim when his bangs were too much to handle. He looks like such a boy now. He will try to say any word you throw his way, including dude, peaches (which sounds like bitches), and both of his sisters' names. He is a cuddly little monkey, and falls asleep each night playing with his belly button.

He loves phones, cars, and keys. Despite all his food limitations, he is my best eater. He loves his "nacks" and would happily eat all day if I would let him. He adores music and points to the stereo to get me to play Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious so that we can all run in circles around the couch.

I love you all, my sweet babies.