Wednesday, January 9, 2008

But I'm not ready!

I'm in bed this morning, sleeping peacefully, when I start hearing a noise that wakes me up. It's this "click, click" type noise and I lay there for a while trying to figure out where it was coming from. First I thought someone was tapping on our window, but that didn't make sense. Then I thought maybe the ceiling fan was broken, but nope. So I drag my giant preggo self out of bed, get to the door and look at Annabella's door. And I see the doorknob wiggle "click, click."

I open the door to little boogs standing there with her duck bank saying, "Mama, duck heavy" (except when she says it heavy sounds like heaby - so cute!). But back to the point of all this . . . What!?! She's not supposed to be climbing out of her crib. Now we have issues. Doing it once means it is on for good. She was so proud of herself even though I kept saying, "Dangerous. You scared Mama." She was too happy to notice my unhappiness.

So, good for her. Bad for me. We went to pick up a toddler bed from Mammy Janice tonight. We'll see how this all works out. I'm not ready for this!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Something is better than nothing, right?

Can I just make that my new philosophy? Then it will explain why despite trying to "clean" my room this morning it looks worse than it did when I started. Or why this is only my second post. Or why I had to have Charlie pick up dinner on the way home because I just couldn't stand in the kitchen and cook.

Don't get me wrong. I am happy to be able to do any of this. No bedrest, no real complications. There was a scare this past weekend. Suddenly the vision in my right eye went all blurry. I felt dizzy and strange. Follow that up with a piercing headache in the middle of the night and we ended up at the hospital for monitoring. Luckily everything looks alright and the babies are kickin the crap out of me just as much. It may be that all this is caused by my borderline gestational diabetes. Hopefully my appointment tomorrow will give me some answers. If not, at least I have a massage to look forward to :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

something new

I'm not keeping with with the baby book (or anything!) like I should these days, so I thought that I would try this a different way. I spend more time on the computer that sitting down with the baby book, so maybe there will actually be something for the little kidoodle to look back on this way.
This is my current favorite picture of her, taken by her daddy on Christmas Eve. It pretty much captures who she is right now: so full of craziness, energy, enthusiasm. She is such a bundle of sunshine!