Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm procrastinating by doing what I usually procrastinate and don't do... interesting.

The best of intentions, right? I thought that I would at least feel some drive to do this, to record these moments. And I do, really. Every day that goes by and that they grow and change I wish that I could freeze time; I wish that I could find some way to make them always do the wonderful things they do. Yet days go by and I never make the time to do this. It's definitely a personality flaw.

So, there is so much that I've missed recording. New teeth, unbirthdays, standing, sickness, preschool, trips, tears... I can't go back. So I'll start with what I know right now.

Annabella is computering with me right now. Her input: I love Annabella. I love Daddy. I love Mama. I love GeeGee. I love Papa. I love my 'nother Papa. He's Nonna's friend. Where did my 'nother Papa went? What's in here? Bubbles? You pop 'em. Pop 'em for me, Mama.

Yeah, she's focused like her Mama is, that one.

Okay, new story. She never wants to name anything. We have to give all her "friends" names. So, yesterday she is playing horsie and Charlie asks her what the horse's name is. She says, "Fuggit." Erm. It wasn't exactly that. It was just what that sounds like, with her inflection matching her daddy's inflection - spot on. She then proceeds to repeat it about a million times. So glad that he's the one that taught her that one. Good job, honey.

The peach is her peachy self. She is sweet as can be, as long as I don't do anything to anger her. If I dare to leave the room against her wishes - watch out world. Turtle-man is king of the giggles. Man, can that one laugh.

More later, must bathe. Priorities, you know.

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