Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How we got here

I realized after I posted last night that I just jumped from pregnancy posts to three months out without even talking about the arrival of these little ones. I have to remedy that, so I'm going to try for a birth story - at least the parts of it that I can remember.

It starts in Target, as all good things do. I was doing some last minute shopping, riding in style on the motorized cart. The doctor's office called and offered me a c-section date the day before Boogs's birthday. I asked if there wasn't anything sooner, because at that point I would have been happy with giving birth right there in Target. The nurse said she would speak to Dr. Dill and call me back.
When the call back came, the date was February 29. Leap year. It seemed like a good enough day for a birthday to me, so I agreed. Now I just had to wait.

February 29th came. Charlie and I left for the hospital early that morning. I was scheduled for 10, which had been moved up from the original time of 1. We got checked in and I went back to change and get my IV and stuff done. Charlie came back to wait with me until it was time to go.

It was really different to go into the operating room vs. the labor room. Everything was much more clinical and I started getting nervous. They set me up to do the spinal, which wasn't horrible, but sent a shooting pain down into my leg and foot and made me jump. It was strange to be laying flat on the table waiting for them to do something. I felt completely helpless.

Charlie came in after everything was ready, and as they were starting the surgery he and the nurse were talking about traffic. I just laid there thinking I couldn't believe this was what they were discussing while I was getting sliced open. There was a lot of pulling and pressure, which was uncomfortable, but didn't hurt. Then I heard someone say, "I see a foot!"

Lorelei Bradley, the little peach, was born at 10:18. She weighed in a 7 lbs 8 oz and was 19 3/4 inches long. A minute later Sawyer Patrick, my turtle-man, entered the world. He was 7 lbs 6 oz and 20 inches long. Both babies were great from the start - pink, healthy, and pissed off at being taken out of their comfy little home!

Right after the babies were out, Anne tried to come over to let me hold one of them. She said she looked at me and said, "She doesn't look so good" to the anesthesiologist. According to her, I was a completely different color. Dr. Dill looked over the curtain and asked for blood, stat. I started feeling pretty sick, like I might throw up. I just kept wishing they would be done. At some point there was a Kill Bill moment, where a fountain of blood shot across the curtain screening my view. I remember thinking it would be funny, if I didn't feel so icky.
What I didn't know then - or for a long time after - was just how bad it was. Anne later told my mom and Charlie that she was really worried. I lost a lot of blood, fast. The anesthesiologist wasn't agreeing with the doc's orders, the blood took a while to get there. Things were not good. I'm glad I didn't realize that it could have ended right there.

Once they were finished closing the incision and things had stabilized, they picked me up to move me to another bed. I remember going, "Wooo!" when they lifted me. Then the doors opened, and I don't remember anything until I opened my eyes in the recovery room. There was a lady talking to me like she knew me, but I didn't know who she was. She told me they were still getting more blood into me. Then I don't remember anything until Charlie was there, with Peach. He wanted to let me hold her, but I was too scared I would drop her or fall asleep again. The next thing I knew, they said I was ready to go to my room.

Everyone was there, which was nice, but confusing. I kept apologizing because I couldn't keep my eyes open. Every time I sat up I felt like I was going to throw up or pass out. I was too scared to hold the babies. Needless to say, it wasn't my ideal post-labor experience. However, I got exactly what I wanted - two beautiful, healthy, wonderful children - so in that sense it was a complete success.

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tbonegrl said...

y favorite part of the story was "it all started at Target, where all the best things do" ...LOL!