Sunday, April 19, 2009

Please don't forget.

Things I don't want to forget:

Miss Annabella, you amazing girl. You are doing so great at potty training. I'm sure it will cause you complete embarassment if I ever reveal to you that I announced on Facebook your bathroom antics. You Ace Ventura'd your girl parts to tell me that the pee pee was all gone. Each time you realize you have used the potty those wide eyes of yours just glow with excitement.

You love horses. Especially your white horse, Charlie. You dislike monsters and witches. You love to sing and dressing up. Temperature is insanely important to you, to the point of making me crazy. You insist that things are too hot when they aren't even warm.

Your voice and phrasing make almost everything you say funny. You use vocabulary that surprises even me. You tell stories and ask questions from the time you wake until you fight against going to sleep. You make every day fun and challenging.

Miss Lorelei, you are such a contradiction, a fiery mix of sassy and sweet, rolled into a tiny child. You can be so dainty and kind, sharing your toys and cuddling one moment; then you are hissing your displeasure and biting anything in range the next. You take off your shoes. You climb on anything and everything without a smidgen of fear or hesitation.

You smile with your bottom teeth, grinning like a little French bulldog. Yogurt is your favorite thing to eat. You adore your big sister and can't get enough of Geegee. You're not really talking yet, except for "bye" and maybe "shoes." However, I can see that you are planning and plotting. The words aren't there yet, but the thoughts are.

Sir Sawyer, my sweet and scratchy man. By far the most easygoing of my children, but also so sensitive. You giggle and smile when things are going your way; but don't take away the Blackberry or your sword unless you want tears. You plow through everything: meals, walking, playing. You bounce around and off of things - walls and furniture.

You are copying words and sounds more and more: bye, ball, eye, cupcake, thank you. You put the phone to your ear and pretend to talk. When you get excited you run in place and wave your little arms. You are my best sleeper.

You're all changing every day. Sometimes I feel like there is so much to do - so many diapers and meals to make and clean ups and crying and soothing and naps and all the things that make the days run one into another until I realize that you are all older and different and I'm not ready for you to change. I love you.

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